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All the projects undergoing under the BWSN has monitoring and evaluation plan and it is regulated by monitoring and evaluation officer/quality control officer or project coordinator based of the staff structure of the different projects within the organization. Monitoring and evaluation is done through standard checklist,activity and progress tracking form, monthly coverage sheet, social media group, field visit, observation and interaction with the stakeholders and targeted groups. Use of the monitoring and evaluation tool depends upon the nature of the project and donor compliance.


Service data are disaggregated for male, female, LGTBQ, adolescent, children, people with disability, age, ethnicity, occupation, and education etc based on the project targeted population and indicators.The purpose of these M&E activities is to track progress and inform managerial and strategic decision making to make ongoing adjustments to implementation strategies and ensure maximum impact.BWSN ensures the quality at each level of program interventions and accountability towards the upward-funding agency and government institutions as well as downward- beneficiaries. Standard guidelines are used in each visit and field level staff also monitor whether procedures and interventions meet the set quality standards or not. Similarly, provincial, district and local government authority, funding agency monitor program interventions as well.