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BWSN has a practice of good governance system i.e., vision, mission and objective of the organization is clear. Has a transparent policy and practice for selection of chairperson through the voting process of general assembly members in every 3 years period. Executive committee has been formed and there is practice of conducting monthly meeting related to program, finance, and management discussion and decision making. BWSN has a policy and practice in place that is formulated, timely updated and incorporation of additional policy as a compliance for effective implementation and regulation. Board members, management committees, and employees are frequently oriented on the organization policy. Apart from this there is existence of senior management committee, HR committee, procurement committee, CFAM committee, GESI & PSEAH Committee. There is a practice of annual and statutory audit, social audit, public hearing, monthly program and finance reporting and publication of lesson learnt document, best practices, case story through newsletter and booklets.At all the level from executive committee, management committee and employee structure, gender and social inclusion are given priority. During the monitoring and evaluation of the project women children, socially excluded population are involved, and the participants are selected in such a way that ensures gender equality and social inclusion.