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Organizational Alliance

BWSN NGO holds multiple registrations, including with the NGO Federation and NGO Coordination Committee in 2058 BS. Additionally, it is recognized with unique identifiers such as Europe Aid ID (NP-2010-DLM-2001765586), ADB CMS Number (018629, 02-Jan-2015), and Unique Entity ID registered in the US government at (MSRDVN3X42J9), showcasing its international recognition and commitment.

S.No. Registrations Registration and Date
1 NGO Federation 2058 B.S
2 NGO Coordination Committee 2058 B.S
3 Europe Aid ID NP-2010-DLM-2001765586
4 CADB CMS Number 018629, 02-Jan-2015
5 Unique Entity Id registered in US government at MSRDVN3X42J9