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Diligent Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV)

"We are conducting door-to-door awareness campaigns. Surgical costs for uterine prolapse treatment are covered entirely. In private hospitals, expenses can reach 40,000 to 50,000 rupees. Hence, we are providing this service to the community free of charge," affirms Punam Sah, a women's health volunteer from Ward No. 2 of Madhavnarayan Municipality in Rautahat district. Despite being a self-volunteer, she has made substantial strides in the field of health services, making a noteworthy impact.


Krishna Devi Yadav has dedicated herself to volunteer work since 1990. Similarly, Geeta Yadav has selflessly volunteered for two decades. Joining the ranks of volunteers in the same year, Punam Sah and Nirmala Kumari Yadav have also contributed significantly. Among these actively involved women across various wards of Madhavnarayan Municipality in Rautahat district, a common thread binds them: their unwavering commitment to community healthcare. In recent years, they have particularly focused on raising awareness about uterine prolapse issues within the community.


Their familiarity with health challenges within their community is striking. They possess expertise in women's health matters and are often the first to identify health issues in their community. Krishna Devi's experience underscores the existing problems within the community. However, many women tend to conceal their health issues due to the discomfort of discussing personal matters, resulting in the persistence of hidden health problems.


Pramod Prasad Sah, the In-Charge of the Health Post, acknowledges that female volunteers closely observe female health issues and stand as true representatives and altruistic servants of the community. Armed with knowledge and education from health institutions, they proactively seek out potential service recipients within the community. Their early counseling efforts effectively raise awareness and encourage people to seek healthcare services. The presence of these community health volunteers has notably increased the number of women accessing healthcare services. The training and education provided by ADRA Nepal in collaboration with BWSN under the WHaSS project have bolstered the capacity of health workers.


Geeta Yadav emphasizes, "Our role is to serve the community by entering it." Offering advice and guidance to women facing difficulties empowers them. She derives contentment and motivation from her work as a community health volunteer, affirming, "Engaging in community service brings me joy.