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Our Work

BWSN has adopted right based approach through social mobilization, capacity development and effective advocacy and lobbying to empower poor and marginalized communities and protect and promote their human rights and increase their access to socio-economic services.
BWSN has been working in partnership with local governments (Rural Municipalities and Municipalities), government stakeholders, civil society organizations including media, political bodies and target communities, schools, health service providers and private sectors for collective, integrated and holistic interventions for achieving sustainable development interventions at local level. Currently BWSN has been working in all eight districts of Province No. 2 and mobilizing 85000 households through different project interventions.
BWSN has been working with religious leaders, youths and community based organizations with men and boys engaged approach for empowering girls and women. The existing mobilization mechanism can be further consolidated for implementing the project Leave No Girl Behind.

Governance structure of BWSN

BWSN has inclusive executive board comprising including 2 women members, one Dalit and one muslim member among seven executive members. The executive committee is elected by General Assembly (GA) through democratic practices in which all the members can have access to take part. It is convened each year and is chaired by the president.

Transparency of the organizations' funds is ensured. Income of the organization is balanced in the commercial bank account. In account, treasurer's signature is mandatory and either the president or secretary should also agree and sign. The authorized auditor of Government of Nepal (GoN) carries out the audit of the organization. Every year, the report of the auditor is presented before the local government official, social welfare council and others stakeholders.

Major Policies and Guidelines of BWSN

Personnel Policy

Procurement Policy

Financial Policy

Gender and Social Inclusion Policy

Child Protection

Stategy Planning

Partnership Policy

Anti-Corruption Policy

Human Resources of BWSN

Currently 74 human resources are serving to BWSN through different projects funded by different donor agencies. BWSN has GESI policy which guides to consider GESI approach while hiring/recruiting the human resources.